Welcome to Kids Party Heroes

Welcome to Kids Party Heroes!! Melbourne and Perth's premium service super hero character hire.

We specialise in birthday party's, fund raisers and special family events. Each character you can hire is 100% inspired from the comics and movies you grew up watching right down to motion and the accent. When you hire a Kids Party Hero it's more than just the suit, it's the entire experience.

Each hero is available with both a superhero showcase and or just a roaming appearance.

Our team is dedicated to giving your event the best genuine super hero experience with our custom made character suits.

Our suits have been created to be carefully modelled off what children and adults have grown up watching!

What sets Kids Party Hero's apart is that each character has his own choreographed show.

Check out our gallery and take a look at what Kids Party Heroes has to offer.


Captain America

Arrives to your birthday party on his custom motorcycle with his big aviation shield attached to his back. Melbourne Captain America’s suit is specially custom made to his body with shield to match. The Cap cosplayer is actually a professional actor so he embraces the role as if he was on the Avengers movie set. Captain Steve Rogers is a available for an hour of roaming, meet and greet with photos and or a full captain America choreographed showcase.

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Melbourne City Batman – is the dark night of Melbourne city. This cosplayer has been entertaining melbourne for a number of years from charities, special events and birthday parties. Batman will arrive in character with the deep batman voice as in the dark night movie trilogy. Melbourne citybatman is available do an appearance roaming and taking photos or both a batman show and an appearance.

Only Available in Melbourne

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Ryan Ranald’s as Dead-pool in the upcoming movie 2016!! Checkout this performer he looks like Dead-pool, he acts like Dead-pool, he is Dead-pool!!! This cosplayer is a dancer so knows how to keep a crowd going. Dead-pool is great to have at over age events as an appearance with Spider-man after all Spiderman is Dead-pool’s idol 😉 Dead-pool is only available in Melbourne.

Dead-pool is available with a show or both a show and appearance

– Appearance

– Duo (with Spiderman)

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Optimus Prime

The leader of the auto-bots in the movies this cosplayer is professional as they come. Direct from Melbourne Transformers Optimus prime teams up with either Ironman or Bumblebee. Standing over 7 foot tall Optimus will arrive to your birthday party with lights a huge sword and robotic sounds to match. The show he has is very popular for transformers lovers, perfect for bigger parties where more than one character is needed. Please note you can only book Optimus with either bumble Bee or Ironman as a duo show and appearance.

Optimus Prime is available ONLY with Bumble Bee and Ironman in a DUO or Trio show

Show Types

– Duo show

– Trio show

– Metal Mellisha group show with (ironman, War Machine, Bumble Bee)

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Wolverine is one of a kind. This cosplayer is Huge Jackman down to a T. It is very hard to get characters with facial features and body sceptered to the Hero especially when their faces are totally exposed like Superman etc. As seen in his photos The Wolverine will arrive in character as Logon muscle bound and bone claws. The Wolverine is not for the faint hearted he is in character all the time, so if you want the closest thing to the angry man, Book Logan from Kids Party Heroes in an appearance.

The Wolverine is available only in Melbourne Victoria and only in an appearance

Show Types

– Appearance

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SMASH!!!!!! Kids Party Hero’s The Incredible Hulk of OZ is the ultimate green monster! With a specially tailored suit all the way from the USA, HULK will bust into your birthday party huge with big green Hulk feet, hands and Muscles! The suit used here is a special massive green muscle suit with details right down the actual veins. HULK IS HUGE GREEN AND ANGRY! Book him in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. HULK is great in the Avengers package or in the Hulk and Thor DUO show The Ultimate Disagreement show and an appearance.

HULK is available in an appearance and both a show and appearance

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Welcoming the God of Azzgard, THOR OF OZ will arrive at your birthday party in god like body armor, long blonde hair, huge hammer by his side and the muscle to back his character. This Thor, God of Thunder will be sure to electrify your party. A suit that is custom made from overseas, Our Thor is an actual Chris Hemsworth look alike. See the live pics attached to his profile. He even has a god like English accent!! THOR IS AMAZING especially when he teams up with the Kids Party Heroes Avengers

Thor is available in All states, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No WAIT it’s THE MAN OF STEEL!!! Straight off the movie set, The Dawn of Justice our Superman will be your knight in shining armor. Superman comes with a full 5 minute superman performance and appearance with high action from start to finish. Available in all states Melbourne Superman, Perth Superman, Adelaide Superman, Brisbane Superman and The Sydney Superman, book this clean cut muscle man to save the Day at your birthday party. We all know that The Man of Steel is one of the biggest and best superheroes in the game. Our Superman does not only look and talk like superman, he is an actual actor so he will be the closest thing to Henry Cavil THE MAN OF

Available as just an appearance or both a show and an appearance

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Our Ironman has the real iron man suit straight from Stark industries. Hire this hero and he will arrive in a full armoured ironman suit with flashing lights. This is not a foam suit this is the real thing. Ironman Perth is actually a professional dancer and will ‘do the robot’ to a sound track in his performance. He is available to just do an appearance or both a show and an appearance.

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Spiderman arrives in an authentic spider-man suit. This character moves exactly like spiderman. His suit was specially imported from the Netherlands from a very well know world renowned costume designer. Melbourne Spider-man comes with a full choreographed breakdance ultimate Spider-man performance with sound effects/music from the Spider-man movies. You can hire the Spider-man for an appearance, a show or both. The Melbourne Spider-man is actually a professional dancer on the weekends.

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*please note that all of our suits are custom made replica suits. Kids Party Heroes do not profess that our suits are official Disney merchandise. We accept no responsibility for any confusion or misunderstanding that should arises out of the nature of the service we provide.

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