The Duo Show appearance is probably the most exciting superhero experience as you can choose two of your favourite superheroes and team them up into a Duo.
Great for parties with lots of kids as the heroes can bounce of each others energy and really hold the attention of many. This will be one action packed hour or have your heroes split and overlap to cover more time. You can always choose any combination of characters you like but here some super examples that work well.

1. Spiderman and Iron-Man (Iron-Spider)
2. Spiderman and Dead-pool (Masked Ninjas)
3. Thor and HULK (The Ultimate Disagreement)
4. Iron-man and WAR-MACHINE (Iron-man 2)
5. Captain America and Iron-man (Civil War)
6. Captain America and Thor (The Hammer Shield)
7. Wolverine and Thor (The Hammer Claw)

  • PackageĀ lengthĀ 1-2 hours
  • Number of performers: 2


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