Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane City Batman – is the dark night of Melbourne city. This cosplayer has been entertaining Australia for a number of years from charities, special events and birthday parties. Batman will arrive in character with the deep batman voice as in the dark night movie trilogy. Batman is available do an
Hulk SMASH!!!!!! Kids Party Hero’s The Incredible Hulk of OZ is the ultimate green monster in Perth! With a specially tailored suit all the way from the USA, HULK will bust into your birthday party huge with big green Hulk feet, hands and Muscles! The suit used here is a special massive green muscle suit
Melbourne Spiderman – Arrives in an authentic spider-man suit. This character moves exactly like Spiderman. His suit was specially imported from the Netherlands from a very well know world renowned costume designer. Melbourne Spider-man comes with a full choreographed breakdance ultimate Spider-man performance with sound effects/music from the Spider-man movies. You can hire the Spider-man
Captain America
Arrives to your birthday party on his custom motorcycle with his big aviation shield attached to his back. Captain America’s suit is specially custom made to his body with shield to match. The Cap cosplayer is actually a professional actor so he embraces the role as if he was on the Avengers movie set. Captain
Wonder woman
An Amazon Princess leaves her island home to explore the world and in doing so becomes one of the worlds greatest heroes. Let her take your child on this miraculous adventure with her with amazing body armour and life like shield and sword(foam, not metal). Great as a duo with Batman or Superman or as
Inside every little girl there’s a super girl and who better than to help bring out the super hero side of any young child than Supergirl herself. With an uncanny resemblance from the actual new series this performer comes with a super show and bright positive attitude to match. Great as a duo with the
Sleek and nimble, agile and quick, you’ve got to be fast to catch her. For all those cat lovers out there our Cat Woman comes with the strength and agility you would expect with any cat. Great for instilling confidence and prowess in little cat ladies but alos fun for the boys to. This Catwoman
Behind every great man there stands an even greater woman. Also one of Gotham’s great protectors and silent avengers. Whether it be helping Batman on a special mission or taking care of her own this lady can hold her own. Great at instilling confidence in young woman. Works great as a duo with Batman. Available in Melbourne
The Flash
The fastest of all the heroes. Can you see him or is he just a flash. This cool nerd is a big hit with all the kids. This performer comes with the option of two suits. Choose from the sleek leathery suit from the Flash series or the new electric armour suit from the Flash
The King of Atlantis himself. A tattooed muscle bound under water god and a member of the Justice League. Marvel at his real life trident. He may have a grimacing stare, bulging muscles covered in tattoos but don’t be fooled, he’s actually a really nice guy.Aquaman is available in Melbourne and for all packages and
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